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How can I manage my Mobile TV viewing usage? Over the mobile network: Data used for watching Mobile TV on our mobile network will be rated using standard rates from data included in your plan, add-on or at pay per-use data rates, as applicable. You can keep an eye on your data usage using the Virgin Mobile My Account app , or check out virginmobile. Heads up! I love Mobile TV! How do I get more data? You can change your plan to include more data at any time.

You can also add a data add-on. For more info on our plans, click here. You will need to have a My Account profile set up in order to login. IS is an older technology used for data activities like tone-based fax, modems or connections that require a prefix ex. For mobile phones, this change will not impact your voice calling or text messaging services, but you'll no longer have access to the mobile browser service on IS To learn more about 4G and LTE network coverage in your area, visit virginmobile.

As of November 10, this service will no longer be available through Virgin Mobile and you will no longer be charged. If you love satellite radio on your phone, check out the app store for some listening options. Lots of love. All this means is that Members using certain phones in the impacted regions British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba will continue to be able to make phone calls and send text messages, but will experience slower data speeds.

A few of our services have a one-time charge, and some of those are changing as of July 22, Check out the complete list of one-time charges. Virgin Mobile offers Members super-hot smartphones, ridiculously fast LTE speeds and plans with loads of extras built right in. Plan features will stay the same as before. Find out what monthly plans will be affected by this change.


All this means is that Members using certain phones in the impacted regions British Columbia and rural areas of Alberta will continue to be able to make phone calls and send text messages, but will experience slower data speeds. It's easy to upgrade, just head to My Account to get started, or learn more about how to upgrade. As of your August bill date we're making a few changes to the rates for domestic pay per use data.

If you're on a plan that includes data, this change won't affect you. As of December 31st, the following CDMA phones will no longer be able to send picture and video messages but you will still be able to receive picture and video messages.

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If you try to send either a picture or video message from your phone, you will receive the following error:. What is picture or video messaging? Picture and video messaging, or Multimedia Messaging Service MMS , lets you take a pic or video with your phone and send it to another mobile phone or email address. Receiving picture and video messages Impacted CDMA phones will still continue to receive both picture and video messages from other users. Would I still be charged for picture and video messages?

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Members with unlimited messaging bundles on an impacted CDMA phone will still be able to send and receive text messages from their phone. To modify or cancel your plan or add-on feature due to this change please contact Virgin Mobile. Hey Members! If you ever use the "Extended Absence" setting in your voicemail, you'll be happy to know that we fixed a bug.

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Now if you're on a CDMA phone, the system will block callers from leaving a voicemail message any time you've turned on "Extended Absence", just as it's supposed to. As soon as you want to start getting voicemails again, just turn off "Extended Absence". Oh no, 50 MB of U.

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As of November 9, , we'll have fixed the issue and the 50 MB of U. Learn more about roaming rates and packages. We've got some great news, Mobile TV lovers! Over the next 30 days you'll be seeing some changes to the Mobile TV app you know and love. If you use one of these apps to make call then you might not be able to call in an emergency. The issue isn't specific to Virgin Mobile and could affect customers with any mobile phone company.

We've talked with Google and they're currently working with the app developers to make sure the issue gets fixed. To make sure you're not using VoIP apps from Google Play as your default dialer and make sure that calls can go through we strongly recommend Members do the following:. We regret to inform fans that the four Stampede concerts scheduled in the Saddledome cannot proceed as scheduled due to the damages the facility suffered during the recent flooding.

The concerts that were scheduled are:. We understand that this news is disappointing to fans and we're disappointed also - we wanted to present our guests and fans with an awesome concert experience. It became evident yesterday to both the Stampede and the Flames that the services necessary for a proper concert experience for fans and for the artists just weren't available given the current status and limitations of the building.

Construction trades have been working very hard on a number of fronts simultaneously including addressing issues related to electrical power, potable water, air conditioning, air quality, and personal safety. Ultimately, due to the flood, it just isn't feasible to go ahead on July Given the size of the four shows, and that they are all intended for indoor set-ups with tailored effects and lighting, there was no feasible alternative to host any one of the shows at another Calgary venue during Stampede. Ticket holders should hold on to their tickets. All ticket holders will still receive admission to Stampede on the day of their concert by showing their concert tickets.

We are hoping to reschedule these shows at a later date and we'll know more about potential rescheduling opportunities after Stampede. We're sorry about this, but as of June 27, the HBO add-on won't be available anymore. You don't need to do anything - you won't be charged for HBO after this day and your plan won't be affected in any way. We'll add a credit to your account to cover the cost of HBO from June 27 to your bill date.

You'll see it on your next two bills, depending on when your bill date is. The new flat rate was suppose to start on April 1, but was delayed because of techie issues. Some of you might see incorrect or higher charges on your bill for international calls made while roaming in the US. Not to worry though!

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We'll send you a text when the credit has been added to your account. On March 4, , one entry will be randomly drawn from all entries received during the Contest period and the selected entrant will be awarded the prize in accordance with the Contest Rules. On Mar.

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For more info, head to www. On Jan. For info, head to www. As of Nov. Dial TAXI from your phone and you can automatically get hooked up with the next available taxi. Our great new rates will automatically adjust every month based on your data usage so you always get the very best rate. Nifty, right? This update is only for members who received a June Bill Message that due to system error, their data use and overage charges may have been lower than they should been on past bills.


Because of a system error, your data use and overage charges might have been lower than they should have been on your past bills. We've fixed the problem now, but you might see a rise in data usage on your bill. To make sure you get a chance to see how much data you're really using and to change your data plan if you want to we won't charge you for any extra data usage until October 1, To see how much data you're using, go to My Account on your phone, online at virginmobile. We're making changes to text rates for Choice Plans. If you text a lot and don't have unlimited text set up on your account, you can save cash by hooking it up.

Don't forget, incoming texts are still no charge! No changes are required to your account settings — we've got you covered. If you switch plans you'll pay the most current price. We're matching up text add-on anniversary dates with monthly anniversary dates as of Sept 12, Check out the new enhanced Virgin Mobile Live Store. Good to Know: your content locker won't be available anymore. Be sure to back your content up by saving it to your phone or a microSD card. If you don't use your phone's web browsing features or have already hooked up to one of our Data Plans or Unlimited Mobile Web Browsing Add-ons, then this pricing change won't affect you.

If you're going to be surfing the web, then this is a great time to hook up an Unlimited Mobile Web Browsing Add-on on Prepaid so that these pricing changes won't affect you. You've still got time to hook one up before the price changes on August To use this service, you just need to dial from your mobile to reach directory assistance. Our automated system can fetch just about any listed number in North America and also send you a text message so you can keep a listing handy. You can top up for free online or by hitting on your Virgin Mobile phone.

So we can keep creating the awesome stuff that make it better to be a member, we've got some important pricing changes that are happening to your Virgin Mobile account.

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We've received feedback from our Members on how they'd like to be rewarded and how we can make it even more awesome to be a Virgin Mobile Member. Based on their ideas and feedback, we've decided to focus on all of our on-going, year-round benefits in the Members Lounge and to not continue with a rewards program for now. The Lounge hooks you up with stuff like free tones, hot discounts to big time events like NXNE, and early access to tickets for the hottest shows like Lady Gaga. We've taken the remaining VIP Rewards points for all eligible members and switched them into an awesome bonus.

We'll be sending an email to all eligible members to advise them of the reward they will be eligible for in exchange for their points, so please make sure to check your inbox for a message from us. You've got until June 20, , to give us a call to get your bonus hooked up. After that, you won't be able to get your bonus anymore.

Give us a shout soon at 1. Don't forget that we've got tons of exclusive offers, ticket deals, and other hook ups all the time in the Virgin Mobile Members Lounge. Also, the day switchback is going unlimited. It's also a great idea to hook up preauthorized payments to make sure that your account is always topped up before your monthly anniversary date. Just a heads-up, this change has been made by the Government of Saskatchewan and not by Virgin Mobile. We're required to collect the fee and pass it on to the Government of Saskatchewan.

Starting April 15, , long distance charges on out-of-plan calls to Canada or the U. If you're already hooked up to one of our Unlimited Long Distance Add-ons, then this pricing change won't affect you. Please note that these changes will only impact Members who signed up before February 2, Anyone who joined after this date would already be paying these rates for out-of-plan local and long distance calls. If you're already hooked up to one of our Data Plans or Unlimited Mobile Web Browsing Add-ons, then this pricing change won't affect you. As always, receiving a text from anywhere is free.

If you're going to be making long distance calls or surfing the web, then this is a great time to hook up an Unlimited Long Distance or Unlimited Mobile Web Browsing Add-on so that these pricing changes won't affect you. Click here to check out all our different Add-ons. You've still got time to hook one up before April As long as you stay on your chosen plan, you won't be affected by this price change. Enhanced service will be available in the Virgin Mobile coverage area as of February In case of an emergency, operators will be able to locate you more accurately with your mobile phone.

To get more info, head to virginmobile. The amount of the provincial tax varies depending on which province you reside in, as outlined in the table below. Just a heads-up, this is a charge that was created by the governments in these provinces and not by Virgin Mobile. We're required to collect the tax and pass it on to these governments just like provincial sales taxes.

McAfee Security can be added to your device at any time. Choose from one of the following 2GB, 5GB, or 10GB monthly data options to increase your high-speed or mobile hotspot data each month to meet your needs. Caller Tunes Terms and Conditions. Metro has bundled two of our services to make it convenient to get protection from unexpected threats.

click These services can be purchased as standalone services but packaged together, they make the Metro experience even better! You can add this to your device at any time. Up to 3 months of call history.

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We make it easy to know what charges on your statement are from third parties. Mexico Unlimited Connect with loved ones in Mexico with unlimited calling and texting to and from Mexico with up to 5GB of data roaming included. Mexico Unlimited. When dialing from Mexico:. To call numbers in U. When dialing from the U. Add Mexico Unlimited Today! Additional information about Mexico Unlimited:. Value Bundle Benefits. Get these Features:. Name iD : Blocks calls from unwanted, restricted, anonymous, private or unknown parties. This service is currently not available on iPhones.

International Text Messaging : Send text messages across the globe. Voicemail to Text : Converts your voicemails to texts and delivers them straight to your phone. Call Forwarding : Forward calls from your cell phone to any local number. Call Forwarding is easy to set up and use, so you never miss a call! Unlimited Directory Assistance : Unlimited calls to directory assistance for business and residential listings in the U.

Learn More. Premium Security Bundle Protect yourself against everyday threats with device protection and other added services all wrapped into one value packed bundle! What is the Premium Security Bundle? How It Works. Learn more about:. Complete coverage for:. Loss and theft Accidental damage, including liquid damage Malfunctioning devices due to mechanical or eletrical issues. Also includes:. Enroll in one of three ways:. Canada Unlimited Connect with loved ones in Canada with unlimited calling to and from Canada with up to 5GB of data roaming included. Canada Unlimited. When dialing to and from Canada:.

Calling Canada is simple! There's no need to dial a country code. Add Canada Unlimited Today! Additional information about Canada Unlimited:. Plus, get unlimited texting to select countries. Enter the country name in the search tool above to learn which plan s are available.

Add Metro Global Voice Today!

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