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Hermione is ambitious, prompt, sharp and always on the money whereas Ron is painted as the dopey accident-prone ginger with no money and a ton of siblings. He has the big loving family, but you never really hear about her home life.

So What If Hermione Ended Up With the Wrong Guy?

Harry, on the other hand, falls somewhere in the middle, having lost his parents as a baby and also struggled when he first got to Hogwarts. Ron and Hermione balance each other out as many polar opposites do. Featured image via BlogSpot. When Hermione arrives at the Yule Ball with Viktor everyone is astonished at how pretty she looks. Does that mean that Hermione likes Ron and not Viktor? It does mean Hermione likes Ron, but it doesn't necessarily mean she isn't also romantically interested in Viktor.

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Hermione appears to thoroughly enjoy her date with Viktor. Unlike Harry, who has a miserable time because he feels jealous of Cho and Cedric, and Ron, who has a miserable time because he feels jealous of Hermione and Viktor, Hermione shows no signs of distress about not being with Ron. On the contrary, she is quite happy to be with Viktor. Getting the idea, the rest of the table placed their orders with their plates too.

She was deep in talk with Viktor Krum and hardly seemed to notice what she was eating. It now occurred to Harry that he had never actually heard Krum speak before, but he was certainly talking now, and very enthusiastically at that. Hermione is interested enough in Viktor to forget about the house-elves and even what she's eating. And Viktor is equally interested in Hermione.

But did Hermione and Viktor kiss at the ball? I don't think so.


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We know they didn't kiss when they said goodnight because Harry and Ron would have seen it: And I think we can rule out Hermione and Viktor slipping off to the rosebushes or an empty classroom. Hermione would not want to disappoint Professor McGonagall who "will be most seriously displeased if a Gryffindor student embarrasses the school in any way. She's fifteen, Viktor's eighteen, and it's Hermione's first date. After the Yule Ball I think two things happened.

First, Ron's jealous behavior gives Hermione good reason to suspect Ron is romantically interested in her and she becomes more seriously interested in him. Hermione and Ron seem to forget their argument and are being "quite friendly, though oddly formal. Karkaroff's disapproval is apparent at the Yule Ball. Karkaroff must have said something to Viktor about the relationship because instead of inviting Hermione to Madam Puddifoot's in Hogsmeade, Viktor is preparing for the second task by taking a mid-January dip in the lake.

Viktor has fallen very deeply for Hermione and she becomes the one he rescues from the lake in the second task. Viktor doesn't know if he will ever get to see Hermione again, so in desperation he confesses his feelings to her out of earshot from Karkaroff and invites her to his home in Bulgaria where Karkaroff cannot prevent him from seeing her.

I think Hermione is blind-sided by Viktor's confession and invitation. Because Viktor hasn't asked her out since the Yule Ball, she doesn't see it coming. She's only been out on one date with this guy and she hardly knows him. Now here he is saying he's never felt this way about anyone else and inviting her to Bulgaria.

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Hermione is a cautious girl and this is too much, too fast for her. Besides she's just spent the last two months entertaining the possibility of a relationship with Ron. I think it scares her, so she avoids Viktor's attention by focusing on Harry and Ron. Then when she sees Ron enjoying a kiss from Fleur Delacour, "Hermione looked simply furious.

Over the next few days Hermione has time to process this new information. She's got two boys interested in her. One plucked up the courage to ask her to the Yule Ball and to confess his feelings to her. The other implied she wasn't pretty enough to get a date for the ball, asked her out as a last resort, hasn't confessed anything, and is still seeking the attention of another girl.

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Viktor is starting to look more attractive to Hermione. After a week of receiving hate mail over the Rita Skeeter article, Hermione is determined to discover how Rita is listening into private conversations and she begins going to the library to research methods of magical eavesdropping. Almost three months later an obviously jealous Viktor approaches Harry and says, "Hermy-own-ninny talks about you very often" indicating that Viktor and Hermione have indeed been seeing each other and often. It is during this three-month period that I believe Hermione's romance with Viktor blossomed.

Viktor had to keep it secret from Karkaroff, and so Hermione kept it secret too. Ginny later says, "Hermione told me to get on with life, maybe go out with some other people.

8 times Ron and Hermione were totally in love

Instead of waiting for Ron to make a move, she too had decided to get on with her life and go out with Viktor. In her fifth year at Hogwarts Hermione maintains a relationship with Viktor through correspondence. When Ron asks if she's still in contact with him, Hermione's response reveals that she still has a romantic interest in Viktor: But did Hermione visit Viktor in Bulgaria over the summer? Except for a brief period at the beginning of the summer, Hermione spends the summer at number twelve Grimmauld Place in London.

While it's possible that Hermione was in Bulgaria for a short visit early in the summer there are no clues to indicate where she was during that time, but I don't think that Hermione went to Bulgaria. She may have planned to go, but canceled those plans due to Voldemort's return. After all, she hadn't planned on staying the summer at Grimmauld Place, so whatever plans she had for the summer had to be changed on short notice. At Christmas time Hermione is still corresponding with Viktor.

Because Hermione is writing a novel-length epistle to Viktor her mind is divided between her letter and the conversation. Rowling keeps reminding the reader of this by repeatedly making references to the letter and quill as Hermione converses with the boys. So when Hermione asks Harry, "Did you kiss?

And when she explains Cho's ambivalent feelings for two boys, she is doing so with Viktor fresh on her mind and Ron sitting in the room with her. I think this reveals that Hermione also has feelings for two boys and is comparing Ron and Viktor in her mind. Hermione isn't pleased with Ron's immature reaction to the news that Harry and Cho kissed.

As the conversation continues, Hermione's frustration with Ron comes out in a very nasty insult. Hermione must be thinking, why can't Ron be more mature and sensitive like Viktor? Emma Watson, who played Hermione in the Harry Potter films, said she tended to agree with Rowling, whom she interviewed as guest editor of the new issue of Wonderland. The year-old actress said: Many Harry Potter devotees reacted with horror to the suggestion that two of their best loved characters were not meant to be together.

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Writing on MuggleNet, a popular fan site, one said: Ron and Hermione's relationship is wonderful because it is far from perfect at the beginning of the series and slowly and ingeniously develops into my favourite couple in the whole series! This is not the first time that Rowling has stunned fans by making pronouncements about her characters outside the pages of her books.

She wants to be the one we depend on for information so that readers become reliant on her authority.